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The tapestry of the Fates is sewn across the palms of our hands. The thin fabric that they weave reveals the past, present, and future of each person walking the earth. All of our stories can be divined by reading what is traced along our palms.
For palm reading in Morristown, NJ, you can trust Psychic Readings By Susan to deliver true results. We take pride in our ability to offer our clients the guidance and reassurance they are seeking. We have studied this ancient art form to gain all of the knowledge we can. You can feel confident that we are a trusted name in the psychic community.
To prove our confidence in our abilities and to make a believer out of you, we offer our services as a cold reading. This means that we ask no questions of you prior to our meeting. You can see that any information we read from your palm is honest and true. Palm reading is a great way to learn of your past, present, and future and find the advice you are seeking.
Palmistry is an ancient skill that has been passed down for centuries. To those of us trained in the art, your palm reveals the journey your spirit has gone on. Channeling the lines of your palm allows us to step into a timeline to learn all of you, your life, your past lives, and your future that we can.
Palm reading is an excellent tool to evoke past life regression. We study your palm lines and see the journey your soul has taken to get to where you are today. Many times past lives can be the reason for haunting dreams and nerves we have today. By exploring this, we can help you make sense of that which is troubling you today.

Psychic Readings By Susan uses palm reading to help you find the spiritual healing you are longing for.  

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